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We have over a decade’s experience in providing quick, efficient structural repairs that will reinforce the foundational integrity of your home, transforming it into a safe haven. Since we are a business owned by a close-knit team of family members, we understand how critical any structural issues can be to a house. Over the years, we have upgraded our services and technologies to provide an intelligent and economical structural solution to families. Our equipment can scan and pick up faults in the foundation that could destabilise a residence. Once we have identified the areas that need to be restructured, our team members use high grade construction materials to increase the life and strength of the foundations.

  • House Reblocking & Restumping Melbourne

  • Underpinning Melbourne

  • Screw Piling Melbourne

  • House Foundation Melbourne

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What Restumping Melbourne offers you

Restumping Melbourne has built its reputation on providing quality work that lasts for long. The confidence we have in our skills is reflected in the lifetime guarantee we offer to our clients. If they face any issues with their foundation after we have worked on it, we provide a free service call to fix the issues. The lifetime guarantee that we provide lasts for twenty years.

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